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Purpose of: the Murrey Math Trading System is to provide 100% Technical Analysis.

You may choose to combine with ?your? basic fundamentals to ?see? the strength and weakness of any market?s ?Long Term? trading extremes along with Murrey Math Charts. Murrey tells students to reject (late) Indicators.*

Murrey Math Charts are simply ?daily? price action: open, close, high and low with nothing else.*

That?s all: nothing else with nothing else implied. You must decide how you ?think? or ?deduct? the markets you trade will react to fundamentals, politics or earthquakes.

*Every USA University Library will provide you with the same (exact) four parts to any market?s daily action as Murrey ?presents? on his daily: weekly: monthly: quarterly: yearly charts. Ask them to hand them over today.

The Wall Street Journal publishes ?daily? the same data Murrey Math Charts ?present:? nothing more.

Every individual takes 100% responsibility for their (own) investing positions with the amount of ?guts? they have to accept a small loss rather than let ?Losers? run lower or to ?average down? to hope to get even.?

The Murrey Math Trading System has never ?preached? or ?coached? individuals ?average down? their losses since markets may continue to fall lower instead or reversing as we dream them to do.

The Murrey Math Trading System has never (nor will it) since its creation guarantee anyone or anything they will not or never lose money, since Economic, Political and World Events (earthquakes) may turn the markets over night while normal investors are asleep and unable to exit markets going against their ?current? positions.

The Murrey Math Trading System Common Sense Approach to Investing requires no one invest more than 10% of their at risk capital at any one time. Murrey tells this truth in every Murrey Math Class.*

The Murrey Math Trading System Common Sense Approach to Investing requires no one accept a loss over 1.5625%* their ?current? position at any one time. Murrey tells this truth in every Murrey Math Class.*

*Different markets have slightly different ?risk? loss % but any, normal, sane adult has been taught by their grandparents to never risk more than 10% or take more than a 5 % loss since 1929 Crash: Dow 30 fell 81.25%.

Example: 125% divided by 7 = 17.88% Profit per year doing absolutely nothing, right?

1922 to 1929 USA stock market went up + 125% to Aug 25th at 381.25 and fell to 38.125, in July 4th 1932, so who forced anyone to stay in stocks after they made + 125% in (only) seven years doing nothing except reading the newspaper?

The Murrey Math Trading System was created to assist individuals with their (own) at risk money with the assumption they would (not) risk more than 10% at any one time and accept as fast small loss per trade.

The Murrey Math Trading System and the Murrey Math Learning Center has never nor will it ever take any individual?s money to manage and has never since the Learning Center was formulated in 1996.

The Murrey Math Trading System and the Murrey Math Learning Center has qualified several Murrey Math Students to ?stand in class? and repeat Murrey Math ?Best odds? Trading Rules, but has never spoken in behalf of any Murrey Math Student to go out and manage anyone?s money except their own portfolio.

T. Henning Murrey and has never professed to be a: lawyer: accountant: financial manager: money manager: stock broker: mutual fund salesperson: IPO Money Solicitor: Commodity Broker: Bond Salesperson: Forex Money Manager, nor has he encouraged others to be more than individual ?traders? with their own money.

T. Henning Murrey has never been asked to or required to take any test to qualify to ?present? his Murrey Math Trading System to thousands of technical analysis ?traders? who want a ?pure math crutch? to assist them with their own individual ?best odds? ideas why they believe any trade shall be profitable.

The Murrey Math Trading System was created so as to (not) combine its ?Best Odds? reverse signals ?averaged in? with other popular (late) Indicators such as: RSI: MACD: Parabolic: Williams % R: Elliott Wave: or Bollinger Bands.

The Murrey Math Trading System Software Program has no (physical) place in the software program to add any (late) Indicators to combine with Murrey Math to ?signal? any market?s reverse.

Many individuals use many popular (late) Indicators, so they have a mental crutch to blame ?others? when trades go against them and they don?t accept small losses.

Murrey Math Students who make huge gains proclaim they are smarter than ?Murrey.?

Murrey Math Students who lose huge amounts proclaim Murrey Math failed them when they took huge losses.

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