Murrey Math Real Time Software Program

 Rental Fees and Requirements



 The Eleventh Version is out and being tested.  It's almost running flawlessly!!!!!!!   The next version should be out shortly.

 There are two groups of participants.

Group1:  Beta-Testers
[Limited number of participants allowed]


  1. You must be a software owner, who has already paid $875 for the End of Day (EOD) software.
     (No monthly trial users allowed in this group.)
  1. A $1500.00 contribution is required to help with the completion of this current version of the Real Time software. 


Monthly Fees: None  


Everyone will have 30 days, after the Real Time becomes available for rent, to meet the requirements of the Beta-Tester group. 

After the final version is released, This version will be owned by the Beta-Tester.

If you want Future standard upgrades, your fee will be $250.00 for 12 months of upgrades.  (Example: If there are 3 upgrades in the following twelve months then you will receive all three of these upgrades, then after the 12 months you would then own the third upgraded version.  If you again choose to upgrade for another 12 months the same rules apply.) This fee helps to pay for the costs of making the software better.


[Group 2   IS NOT available for use until after the RT software has been finished & released to the public.  As of July 1st, 2004 it is still being TESTED ONLY! Group 2 is NOT AVAILABLE yet. ]


Group2: Everyone else

( 1. )

 In order to use our Real Time software everyone must own or be paying monthly for the EOD software.
These two programs are designed to work together.

( 2. )

Real Time Monthly Rental Fees: 

$60.00 monthly rental fee, two months required at a time, for the Real Time software.


The Real Time software will NOT be available for purchase.

 It is available on a monthly rental basis only.


Murrey Math Real Time   Pricing Examples:

 Example 1: 

A student who has paid in full for the EOD software and is not a Beta-Tester will pay $60.00 per month to rent the Real Time.

 Example 2: 

A student who wants to pay monthly for the EOD and rent the Real Time will be charged the rates listed below. 



1st month

2nd month

3rd month





Real Time




Total Cost





Some students choose to purchase the EOD trial, without purchasing the Real Time. The EOD is $200 for 60 days. Each month after the trial period is $135 till paid in full.  Total EOD software = $875.00


Additional Information


As with the End of Day there are additional separate fees for the Data Vendors, that the students are required to pay separately.   Ex: or Q-charts and the E-minis Futures Contracts


Data Vendors

 As of July 2004 the only Data vendor we are using is 

  We will eventually be adding on other data feed providers including E-Signal.


We will initiate our Rental Fee Program for the
 Real Time MurreyMath Trading Program when the Beta-Testing version that
works with E-Signal becomes available.


 *** *** Prices are not final. Subject to change 60 days after the release of the Real Time Software.*** ***

Starting July 22, 2003 we have created a trial of the Real Time for 60 days for $200.

 Anyone can rent this trial. You will need to get an account with to use this software. You must also create a Webboard account (this is free).  The trial will begin from the day we receive your money. We will then give your Webboard account access (the one you will need to create) and I will email you instructions on how to download the software.

 The RT software is NOT finished.
You will be using the Beta-Testing version.

 Once your 60 days has ended. In order to continue you would have to become a full owner of the EOD ($875) plus you would have to pay the $1500 contribution to own the Real Time. The $200 you have paid will be deducted from the total amount due. ($1500 + $875 = $2375 - $200 = $2175 total due)

You can make monthly payments toward both systems. Examples are as follows:

 The EOD is $200 (first month) + $135 (next 5 months)
The RT is $200 (first month) + $260 (5months)

(IF you use the PayPal Subscription, it will automatically expire after the last payment)

 Please email for more information!