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MurreyMath now uses FedEx International Economy Freight to ship of our Full Price package shipments for accuracy in tracking.  Below, is a table listing the various Zones for shipping, and the charges for same.  Clicking on the PayPal button below the Zone, will take you to the PayPal site, and auto enter the proper freight charges.  Also, listed with each zone, are the countries that accept PayPal, and the zones that they are in for FedEx shipping.  Countries that PayPal does not accept payment through, are not listed in the country groups below.  For shipments to those countries, and payment by credit card, we refer you to our other sales avenue,

Full License version of MurreyMath EOD Software
$1,000 + Shipping Below (3 pounds weight) + $5.00 Handling Charges
Includes Learning CD/Software, 2 Trading Manuals, Lifetime annual renewals of software license. 
(Requires full membership at PayPal)  

Zone A
$43.00 Shipping

Puerto Rico


Zone B
$47.00 Shipping



Zone C
$49.00 Shipping



Zone D
$58.00 Shipping

Belgium, England(U.K.), France, Ireland, Luxemborg, Netherlands (Holland)

Zone E
$58.00 Shipping

Germany, Italy


Zone F
$58.00 Shipping

Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan


Zone G
$58.00 Shipping



Zone H
$66.00 Shipping

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Zone I
$57.00 Shipping

Dominican Republic, Jamaica


Zone J
$63.00 Shipping

Australia, Israel,
New Zealand


Zone K
$80.00 Shipping

Costa Rica

Zone L
$80.00 Shipping

Argentina, Brazil, Chile

Zone M
$100.00 Shipping

South Africa

Zone N
$63.00 Shipping


Zone O
$69.00 Shipping