Most Frequently Asked Questions

1) What markets does your software work best trading reversals?
Answer: Any market that is traded using the Base of Ten math.
There are only two differences between trading and other market and commodities:
1) commodities will "run" (trend) in the same direction for up to (average) of 4 to 7 weeks without a major reversal and
2) they (commodities) will "gap" up or down more often near extremes (highs or lows) or up at or down at lows or highs.
2) I'm no good at computers, is your software complicated to manipulate?
Answer: No. Any "new student" will enjoy the fact that you are allowed to make only two parameter "inserts" into the program.

The software "automatically" sets up: 1) Harmonic Octave (0/8ths to 8/8ths) plus 1/8 and 2/8th above 8/8ths and it also "automatically" sets the -1/8th and -2/8th below 0/8ths line.

The software "automatically" sets the Harmonic Time Lines, which are set for you each year and are run forward for you as Time moves to the right each trading year through to the next trading year (when we reset the software for you).

The software "automatically" sets the 5 Circles of Conflict TM 1993-2003 by
T. Henning Murrey as being the only Human to "see" that all markets want to avoid these 5 Circles of Conflict 68.% of the time as it moves each trading day to the right through its Trading Frame.

The software "automatically" records and presents to you the "price pivot point of momentum of reversal" of each trading day against tomorrow's potential trading action (by simply moving the mouse over the last trading day and the answer will appear on the screen) as the "waist."

The software will "automatically" record the "trading share attitude for a potential reversal" by presenting you with the volume of today as opposed to yesterday's volume as a direct "predictor" for the potential of a reversal off yesterday's trading action as recorded by sales of the number of total "Buy" tickets and 'sell" tickets.

The software will "automatically" set the precise price point to exit a winning trade off any reversal (by simply moving the mouse inside the box at the bottom of the chart, so you don't have to use a calculator to know where to tell your broker to close out (at least 50.%) of any "Long" or "Short" position.

3) When I purchase your software, do I get help trying to learn your trading strategy?
Answer: We offer the assistance of other Murrey Math "students' who are willing to take on helping other "new" students thru E Mails.
We offer E mails posted on our WebBoard discussion site on a timely basis that will "instruct" you on the rules (as they apply to any market that is ready to reverse).
Personal Example: March 3, 1999, we sent out an E Mail saying this market will have to close above its Murrey Math Trading Line support line, and if it does, to expect the markets to move higher off its "double bottom."
Current result: The general market is up plus 188. points today.
4) How long have traders been using your software?
Answer: The Murrey Math Trading Software TM 1998 - 2003 came out in April, 1998.
The book and the trading system were "seen" and published through the Library of Congress in 1994, so thousands of "traders" already know and trade MM.
5) I'm tired of too many rules (with too many exceptions) and another set of software
that it takes me two weeks to learn how to manipulate, so is yours easier?
Answer: No market can go in more than one of three directions: 1) sideways, 2) down, or 3) up.
There are only five ways to predict reversals and three they are already set in the software "automatically" for you, so you have only two buttons to "push" to figure out what needs to be done (where to enter a position long or short).
6) Why didn't you come out with this simple, fast, great trading system 20 years ago?
Answer: I was too busy playing sports and helping build a small local business from 4 employees to (68) and 20 Million gross each year. I quit my job and learned to shoot golf to a 7 handicap and loose at tennis in the finals of the state tourney, but I didn't know how to trade (when the markets started falling a few years ago), so I sat down and read one book by W.D. Gann and then I saw what he was doin' and I sat down and wrote a better book (for you).
7) Can I try your software on a limited trial basis (to see if it as good as you claim)?
Answer: Yes.
"Free" we shall send it to you free to learn how to trade.
60 Day Trial - the software is current and will predict where to enter or exit tomorrow's trades off our preset "waists." You purchase a trial then pay each month until paid in full. You request/receive a new 30 day license string each month as you pay, till paid in full. See option 11 on the Order Software
Order Software
Purchase the Extended (Full Version) version of the software (and receive the books free).
 8) What kind of data service do I need to download daily to read your charts?
Answer: The software is much like a radio: it will only "hear" the noise coming through it from another source, so you must receive daily (end-of-day) data from some vendor.
The Murrey Math trading Software reads (currently)  Computrac Metastock* formatted files.
Primate Software Company (1) (714) 974-8497,
C.S.I. Data, Dialdata, and many others offer data files formatted to this format.
 (please ask your vendor if their data has to be converted) !
9) Most software vendors offer a large manual to teach you
how to manipulate the software: do you?
Answer: We provide the only 5 "moving parts" to our software right on the front page of our web pages: we don't allow you to waste your time "creating" or improving on 8th grade math (and physics discovered back in 552 b.c. by the greatest teacher Pythagoras and his later student Euclid). We "hide" all this "majic" math deep in the program so you don't have to worry about doing any more than counting to either (3) or (5).
10) Can we insert our own "indicators" into the software?
Answer: No. It is not possible to add anything to this program. We encourage you to change from learning how to refine 8th grade math and spend your "testing" time either with your family or trading off 2,000 year old "already-tested" math formulas that are still holding up pure math since man decided the earth was actually revolving around the Sun ! Do we need to prove it again ?
11) Does this software tell us where the price pivot point momentum occurs?
Answer: Yes. Simply move the mouse into the last trading day (inside the trading frame) and it will immediately be highlighted for you.
12) If I feel I need more "personal help" learning your trading
methodology faster do you offer me any choices?
Answer: Yes.
1) We offer technical help via E-mail and WebBoard discussion.
2) Personal seminars can be held in your city. See Classes
13) Do you have many successful traders using your software?
Answer: Yes. But reality is such that only 12.5% of any group will excel past "ordinary" for most "students" are convinced that anything is either too hard to grasp or they need one more class to get them ready to trade.
The Murrey Math Trading Frame Software has a "built-in" Learning Center that will allow you to touch Control + "L" on your keypad and the software will move back 32 trading days and then with just one touch of your "space bar" the software will bring forward one trading day (per touch) so you can "experience" a year of trading in 15 minutes time. Have your teenage children sit down around the kitchen table and see who is better at trading (you or the kids).
14) Why do you bother to help others learn to trade when you could sit at home
and trade your own account (and not bother with the average "new" student?
Answer: I do trade my own account.
But why did Peter Lynch leave Fidelity Magellan a multi-millionaire and then come back ? He enjoys giving back: when you get rich enough you will understand that it is your duty to help others from your bounty of success.
15) What is the # 1. ingredient to making a good trader?
Answer: The "trading guts" to pull the trigger as fast as a reverse is anticipated.
16) Why don't I see you advertising in all the trade magazines?
Answer: Simple: the Japanese don't use the assistance of "new" car salesmen.
Why ?

87.5% of all cars are sold from friend to friend. 87.5% of all real-traders prove to their friends that they can trade and their friends want to join a winner.
17) What happens if everyone catches on to our trading strategy?
Answer: 37.5% of the over 50 crowd do nothing except "buy and hold" and 37.5% of all young people can't read or write or do math past the 5th grade, so there is no chance many traders will ever listen to us.
18) Are there any complicated formulas to learn
Answer: No. After you take 5 minutes to install the software and download your daily data all you do is click on the directory (where you stored your Metastock data files and our software will process and make ready for you up to 100 stocks in just 30 seconds.
19) How do I get started?
Answer: Simply E Mail us where you want to enter our Trading strategy and we shall assist you in setting up the software and resetting your mind to 8th grade math and hopefully to more profitable trades in the near future.
20) Where do we send Payment?
Answer: Click on the Secure Order page to use/join PayPal, our CC service company.\
Payment by check or Bank Transfer. (Contact us for specific details for Bank Transfer)
As we now send the full learning CD that includes the software and all the study information, we must receive payment prior to shipment.

Please remit to:

Murrey Math Marketing Co.
PO. Box 158946
Nashville, TN. 37215

We look forward to having you join our growing class of new "students" who will eventually make more profits off simpler rules and shorter trading times.

** Prices Subject to Change WITHOUT NOTICE.