MurreyMath Trading Frame Software

Software Installation Instructions

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

You should have received the software on CDROM, as part of the "Learning CD".  You will want to create a directory on your hard drive (Most often your C: drive) and Then run the CD from your CDROM Drive.  Putting that CD into your CD drive should automatically start up your Web Browser.  Navigating the CD is just like surfing the web.  We've set all the access to the different parts of the CD to be accessed via a Web Browser, since we're all so used to that these days. If your Web Browser does NOT start, then open "My Computer", and right click on the CD Icon, and click on the file named "Index".  That should get you going.

If you're not familiar with how to create a directory, copy the files and setup a shortcut, then the following instructions will guide you through it.

Creating a Directory    Copying the Software
Creating a Shortcut

Creating a Directory
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1. Click Start;

2. Move the mouse up to Programs, then over to Windows Explorer. (Usually the last line of the Programs/Start Menu). A new window should pop up that reads, 'Exploring - C', or something similiar.

3. Click on File in the top left corner of this window. You should see a list of options, the first option is New. Click on New, then choose the next first option which is Folder.

When you do this you should see a new yellow folder pop up in the list of files to the right and the current name of the folder should be New Folder. Usually this line is highlighted and ready to rename. You can name the folder anything you like. 'MMT' is one suggestion or 'MurreyMath', etc.

Now you are ready to copy the software into this folder/directory.

Copying the Software
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There are several ways to accomplish this. One way is to:

1. Double-click the 'My Computer' icon,

2. Then click on your CD Icon.  That should start your WebBrowser, and allow you to navigate through the CD.

There is a link on the second page for software installation.  Click there, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Creating a Shortcut
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This is the easiest part. Double-click the 'My Computer' icon, then double-click the C: drive (hard drive) and locate the directory that you copied the MurreyMath files into. Double click that directory and find the file named, 'mm_______.exe' (the file name changes with the version being shipped. Click and Drag the file onto the Desktop (out of the window that it is in, and away from any other open windows.) and you're done.


You can also drag the file down to the 'Start' button. This will add the file to the Start Menu. When you click Start, it will be listed up above.

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