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Nashville, TN
Doubletree-Nashville Airport
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2424 Atrium Way
Nashville, TN 37214

New Proposed Dates!!!  

July 20-22, 2013

Sat/Sun 9-5
Mon 8:30-3:30


West London, England

Victoria Way, Woking, Surrey GU21 8EW, United Kingdom    +44 1483 221000 Phone

Telephone+: 44(0) 1483221004
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New Proposed Dates!!!  

Aug 17-19, 2013

Sat/Sun 9-5
Mon 8:30-3:30




Santa Ana, California
Quality Suites John Wayne Airport

2701 Hotel Terrace Dr.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
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Not Scheduled

Sat & Sun 9 - 5
Monday 6:30 - 1:30

**NOTE: 25% Discount on Murrey Math End of Day or Real Time Software

All paying Murrey Math class attendees can receive a 25% discount on the Murrey Math software if purchased in full within 30 days of the class they attended. Discount applies to End of Day and Real Time.  If you have previously purchased the trial, CD or manuals, the amount you paid will be deducted from the total cost before the 25% discount is deducted.

Ex. Tom attends class Dec 3rd 2008.  He has purchased the 60 Day Trial and Trading Manuals. (60 Trial + 78 Manuals = $138)  Tom has 30 days, until Jan 3rd, to receive the 25% discount.

$1000 EOD – $138 = $862.00 – 25% ($215.50) = $646.50 Total to be paid for MM EOD

Tom Saves $215.50 off the price of the Murrey Math EOD software

MM EOD is 1000 – 25% (250) = $750

MM RT is 3750 – 25% (937.50) = $2812.50

Want Murrey to come to your town and teach your group or just three or four of your friends?

If you want to have a class in your town, send $10,000 (deposit $5,000) six
weeks prior to the classes and Murrey will come to your town.

This group may be one or ten of your friends, plus, Murrey has the right to
invite other Murrey Math students to attend.

This will include 2 Basic Days of Classes and 2 days of Intraday classes
covering the NASDAQ Futures.

To start a list of cities where you would like us to come teach, visit our WebBoard join and visit the "How About A Class Here" section, and post a message.  When there are 10 people for a city, we'll contact you about having a class in your city. 

Normal MM Class Format/Schedule

Basic Learning Class
8:30 AM Class/Registration Opens
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Local Time
Break 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Open House - Introduction to Murrey Math
Call/email julie@murreymath.com to reserve a spot
Free - Bring a Friend 1/2 Day

Basic Learning Class
8:30 AM Class/Registration Opens
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Local Time
Break 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Open House - Introduction to Murrey Math
Call/email julie@murreymath.com to reserve a spot
FREE - Bring a Friend 1/2 Day

Real Time (Intra-Day) Live Trading Strategy
30 minutes before/after daily local market open time

Class Registration opens 30 minutes before local trading time starts
Breaks throughout the trading day as needed.



I look forward to meeting with you and sharing Murrey Math's Trading Rules.


Prices/Fees for MurreyMath classes:
NOTE: Pre-Pay does NOT reduce classes total cost--it only
RESERVES your seat at the Class.
Balance is due on First Day of Class.

Please Read Class "Code of Conduct  Click HERE

Prior Classes Attended

First Day Price

Additional Days

Prepay class in advance** Prepay bonus
First Time* $500 $350 50%  paid in advance** Seat in class Guaranteed
2nd Class* $250 $250 50% of all reserved days.** Seat in class Guaranteed
3rd  Class* $200 $200 Prepay FULL in advance. Seat in class Guaranteed
4th or More* $150 $150 Prepay FULL in advance. Seat in class Guaranteed

 Spouse - $100.00 per day (must attend first day w/full paying spouse)
Children 21 and under: $75/day. 
Parent must accompany child under 18 to all days, Children between 18- 21 must attend first day w/full paying parent. 

** Prices Subject To Change **

All payments are Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card (MC/Visa) using our Pay-Pal service.  Click HERE to go to secure order page for Pay-Pal payments.

Prices stated above are final, NON REFUNDABLE.  If you can not attend a day you have pre-paid for, we will honor that payment for ANY future day at ANY Murrey Math Class ANYWHERE. Your investment in Murrey Math is protected.

*Fine Print: A "Class" is any of the Prior Murrey Math Classes, NOT days.  For example, if you attended 3 days of the April Classes, that counts as ONE Class, NOT THREE.  So, if that's the ONLY class you have attended, your FIRST day fee for this class  would be $500.  If you attended 2 DIFFERENT classes in the past, your FIRST day would be $300.  

**Fine Print 2: Any unpaid balance is due at the door on first day of class you attend.  The PREPAY does NOT reduce the price of the classes

How to determine your fees for this class:

This is your FIRST Class, and you want to attend 4 days during the class.  Your initial cost would be $500.00, and $350.00 for each additional day during this class, for a total of $1,550.00  If you PREPAY your expected fees, you are guaranteed a seat every day you have reserved. (Seating is limited).

This is your SECOND class.  You pay $250 for the first day, and $250 for each additional day during this class.  So, 4 days would be $1,000.00.  

Any days you have PREPAID and are unable to attend, we will honor anytime in the future, at any other class, anywhere, so your investment in MurreyMath Trading Classes is protected, and you will get the number of days at a MurreyMath Trading Class you have paid for.  Your money will not be wasted.


Terms and conditions for participation and attendance at Murrey Math

1.) No other software other than Murrey Math Trading Frame software is to be shown or discussed at any time during the day.

Students who bring their computers should erase all indicators from
their screens if they display The Murrey Math trading system in class.

This includes all breaks.

Our students are there to learn Murrey Math and how it operates, not how
some other software works.

If you want to confuse students please do it after the end of classes.


Thanks and I look forward to teaching you.
T. Henning Murrey 

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