Installation and Use Instructions!

 Ok, so now I have the Murrey Math Trading Frame Learning CD.  What Do I Do with it and How do I use it? 

 The Learning CD has been converted to work with your Web Browser.  Insert the CD in your CD drive.  The CD will automatically start, if it doesn’t open, open My Computer >> choose your CD Drive >> choose INDEX.HTM on the CD and everything will start.  The Power Point Presentation can be viewed in most browsers.  We have included the Power Point Viewer application on the CD incase you are unable to view it with your browser.  Remember to scroll down on the first two pages and hit CONTINUE to move forward.


End of Day Purchaser

Downloading the EOD software from the Learning CD…  After you have hit CONTINUE twice you will be on the third page with two columns of choices >> Choose Latest Murrey Math >> Again choose Latest Murrey Math Software >> Next the File Download – Security Warning >> Choose SAVE >> at the top of the window be sure the SAVE IN: says Desktop >> SAVE >> after Download is complete choose Run >> Next the Internet Explorer – Security Warning (Publisher could not be verified) choose RUN >> OK >> UNZIP >> OK >> CLOSE >> Go to My Computer >> C:Drive (Local Disk) >> MurreyMath >> look for mm2005.exe >> right click on it >> choose Send to >> Desktop (create shortcut).  

 Full Owners / 60 Day Trial Users: You should now request a License String to activate your software.

Test Users: Anyone can test our EOD software free with PAST data.  Once you purchase the 60 day trial you can then activate your software and see charts with current data.  There is a Sample portfolio included in the install of the EOD software that you can use to test the software free. (with data thru Nov 1st, 2004.)

 Requesting a License String...

You will need you Registration Key in order to request a LS.  To find your RK simply open the software.  The Greetings page will open. Click on Registration. The Registration page opens. Here you will see your Registration Key.  Write this you will need it to submit the LS Request. Please include the hyphen " - "

 Go to and click on the link License String Requests,  top green box on the left.  The direct link is   Fill this out and a License String will be emailed back to you.  To get the ability to process data that is current and up to date, you must purchase either the full program or the 60-day trial offer. 

 Real Time Purchaser

Create a Webbord account, add a “Favorite” Link to the WebBoard, and Download the MMRT Instruction Guide. 

Copy the following link directly into the address bar and click enter.  Or visit our site and click on the webboard link    Login to the WebBoard. If you do not have an account set up, create one and email She will give you access to the Private RT area.  After you have successfully logged into the Webboard you should create a Favorite Link to this site. At the top of the page, click on the Favorites.  Choose "Add to Favorites".  An "Add Favorite" window will then appear. Name the site >> click OK.

 Downloading the MMRT Instruction Guide

 You will receive an email once you have been added to the Private area.  Login to the Webboard >> On the left conference side, at the bottom, you will see PRIVATE REAL TIME SOFTWARE TESTING There is a + sign in front of the:  + PRIVATE REAL TIME SOFTWARE TESTING.  Click on + sign.  After you click on it, it will change it to a sign and a drop down list will open.  When it opens up you'll see this:   Guide to Real Time Software with Pictures!  Click on this >> look to the Right side of the page >> a letter should appear from us! 

 Double click on the icon GUIDE TO MM RT SOFTWARE DOC  to download it >> Save it to your  desktop for easy accessibility.  The guide was created in Microsoft Word.   The guide is as simplistic as we could think to make it. We have included instructions on how to download and install the software, how to use the software, and special features that are offered with the software.  Please read thru this Guide and Print it out if necessary.  If you are still having trouble email