Key Functions that predict market reversals in MMTF

Now that you have 1) loaded the software on your desktop are 2) receiving data: (please go to right side of front page of web page for installation instructions)

You'll love how simple trading reversal "signals" will appear after you:

1) Use Control L, Learning Center,
(to advance days click space bar),

Functionality: to teach you to anticipate market reversals (a day ahead) practice in this Learning Mode will increase your Learning Curve to more "profitable" trades and it will decrease the "time spent" learning to "see" these price formations.

2) Control S, Speed Lines (inside MM Trading Frame),
(fast reversals) up or down: fastest off 33, 45, 56, 78 degrees (up or down),

Functionality: to predict quick reversals (that moving averages and complicated formulas will always "trail" (be late in signaling entry price points).

3) Control T, Concentric Triangles,
(market wants to reverse inside 75.% day), inside each triangle,

Functionality: every market wants to trade inside an equal angled triangle (set inside our trading frame: attached from 0/8ths and 8/8ths. All markets want to "breakout" on the 75.% day inside the current trading frame: 16, 32, 64.

4) Control M, Momentum Lines,
(trend set at an angle up or down), moving at 45 degree angle numerous trading days,
(to take off minor 50.% angled lines touch zero),

Functionality: all markets move in a "snake-like" pattern to the right, so this parallel 45 degree angled support / resistance frame is set off the lower left corner of our trading frame.

5) Touch the down  arrows, (while in any of the above function)
(and the opposite affect appears),

Functionality: all markets will reverse directions in the future, so we must be ready to sell with a profit or "short" our market off these pre-set lines.

6) Next touch the numbers (at the top of the keyboard) to take them
off: you should "see" only the current reversal line and the next into future,

Functionality: To keep the "clutter" off the screen just erase those lines that don't predict market reverses.

7) Finally, to take it off click what you clicked on: ie. if you are in the Speed Lines and you want to take the lines off the screen (rather than touch all of the numbers on the top of the keypad simply touch Control + "S" a second time and they disappear.

8) Move the mouse arrow over into the last trading day's body and you see a wealth of information (needed for that trading day only): this what you need to tell your broker (pay special attention to the "waist") and volume,

Functionality: Trading is based upon entry / exit price points and volume as a percentage of yesterday's trading action tells you what the "real" traders are thinking (direction).

9) Move the arrow to the bottom of the screen and you reveal more knowledge.

Functionality: These are automatic sell or buy lines against future runs.

10) Move the cursor along the top and highlight the icon and it will identify itself.

Functionality: Please rest the mouse along the top of the tool bar and you shall read its purpose.
Please touch it and experiment.

Click and and see what happens. (what did you see) why did it do it ?

You will see without me having to tell you.

If we put it on the top of the page (it is live) so just click on it and look at the results.

I could have written 50 pages explaining (all this) but it would get the same results: the same questions from the same few (now after all this knowledge what do I do).

Funny, but the answer (now after all this knowledge what do I do) is right in front of you set on a raw chart.

Remember I saw all this originally from a raw chart set to Harvest Moon.

We provide the "little extras" so what you see will be confirmed.

Thanks for choosing Murrey Math as the simple solution to the obvious.

Please quit listening to anyone except a Murrey Math Trading Frame Chart (and our help features to predict reversals).

Our software will not let you waste your time writing special programs or creating complicated syntax that common sense and 8th grade math don't cover.

These are the only ten rules you need (six and four) to trade anything.

Murrey Math Trading System was developed in 1993 (copyright) and we have not changed anything but one's trading "habit" to a simpler set of rules.

You are invited to try our 8th grade way of thinking to more "profits."

T. Henning Murrey
Master Level Trader # 13.