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E.O.D. software reads/needs Metastock format data.

Software needs Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, but runs off the desktop !


1) MMTF Software automatically sets Murrey Math 8/8ths Trading Range ! 

2) MMTF Software automatically sets Murrey Math Vertical Time lines ! 

3) MMTF Software automatically sets
 "5 Circles of Conflict" ! 

4) MMTF Software automatically sets entry price off previous day's trading action ! 

Murrey Math Trading System TM 1998-2003

T. Henning Murrey has just completed his software that automatically sets up 93.% of your trading frame set to the Harmonic Rhythm. You never have to "guess" where to set the trading action (high/low) for any market. This software will make a new prediction at the close of every trading day and post your "entry" on the bottom of each chart.
*T. Henning Murrey has published (8) articles in Trader's World Magazine, which may be located at:
W.D. Gann's pure math trading system is the most followed, acceptable, and profitable, throughout the entire trading world as reflected by the simple fact that his methodology has remained the world standard zib
for over 75 years !
Larry Jacobs, publisher of Trader's World Magazine states: "It is my belief that T. Henning Murrey made some major discoveries that are revealed in his book that W.D. Gann held back in his published materials. T. Henning Murrey's discoveries are a necessity for traders interested in understanding how the markets move !
Proof: The Murrey Math Trading Frame Software TM 1998 predicted the last two reversals in the S&P 500 Cash Index "Exactly" (well it missed the high and low reversals by .5 top and .5 bottom!)
MMTF set 1187.5 and actual high was 1187. and the MMTF set 1062.5 and actual low was 1062.50.
All Murrey Daily Lesson Students were E Mailed the night before to reverse positions and go long after last Friday August 14th 1998.

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