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G'day from Australia:

I feel I must thank you for the most informative REVELATIONS that you have Spoon-Fed to me.

I have now "grown up" and learnt how to use Murrey Math Trading System.

I always saw the market turning at certain Prices but could never figure out WHY ? !

You soon solved the $ "64",000. question for me.

I had trouble understanding parts of your book. But now with your Wonderful MMTF Software.

It reads and translates your book for me.

I just sit back and "SEE" whats going to happen.

Thanx again
Stephen Lewis
Queensland Australia <address removed at posters request>
The Last Frontier
G'day from Australia

TH, Murrey:

Thought you might like to know that since December 15th when I first read your book, I have now closed 7 out of 7 option trades with a profit, including 2 that were botched up by incomplete understanding of MM.

Of the 7 profit trades, 4 were for more than 100%, one was 72%, one was 35%, and one was 12%.

The last two were messed up because I didn't get in at the right entry point (waited too long for confirmation).

Thanks for the revelations in your book.

I have found that an almost unbeatable strategy for MM and options is to buy 50% position in near term options on the first MM signal, or even hitting an MML after dropping 3/8, 4/8, or 5/8 in the 64-day square, and then buy another 50% position once the stock proves the bottom by ralling more than 3/8 of the 1/8 interval between the lines.

Sell 50% of the options at +2/8 on the square, minus 1/2 pt in case it just misses the line. Then sell, the other 50% on a stall or +3/8 on the square.

Haven't lost yet doing this, and have hit the high 1/8 twice out of the 7 trades on the sale.

Another thing that has worked for me is to buy longer term options and trade the weekly MM square for a +2/8 or +3/8 run.

Seems like this is always at least a double (for me) with most stocks, and very low risk.

Since you're only buying stuff after it's already dropped -3/8, -4/8, or -5/8 on the square, even the messups can usually be escaped without much damage.

Really enjoyed today's action.

Bailed out of my calls as the SP-500 hit 1281.25, right before the drop into the toilet on the bond market news.

Really a great thing to know what (MMTLine) prices to watch.

Thanks again,
-Mike Worcester
PS My wife is really glad that she bought me this book.


Our Chart Group sponsored Mr. Murrey to put a seminar on for us last August 1998.

I wish that I could have had MM years ago.

It would have saved me alot of money and alot of heartache!

The beauty of Murrey's Math is that it is mathematically perfect (and the software does almost all the work for you). You just click on the name of your directory and it will set up 100 different markets in only 30 seconds (ready to trade).

I would recommend The Murrey Math Trading System to anyone.

Minnesotata: Soybean / Corn / Hog Farmer: Brent Wintz

Jim DeWilder:

Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

I will be happy to tell anyone what Murrey Math has done for my family and me.

Sincerely, Jim DeWilder

The Murrey Math Trading System is a great leap forward toward financial independence.

How so?

By providing you with software that clearly demonstrates where to buy or sell with high reliability your odds of success on any one trade are very high.

The modest cost of this system will be paid back multi fold and this program supersedes systems for sale out there for thousands of dollars.

The software does most of the "menial task work" for you, so it frees you to concentrate on trading.

M.F., licensed physician in NYC,